Executive Package- Women

Offer: 9,950

The modern society that we live in put a lot of stress on our bodies. Stressful lifestyles, filled with uncertain work hours, scattered eating times and the inability to take enough time out to exercise all add up to an enormous impact on our health and well-being.
Waiting for a health issue to crop up, though, will be foolhardy. With an eye on hardworking executives, who do not want to fall prey to illness, Apollo Clinic has crafted an executive health check-up package for the working men and women of this age.
Keeping in mind the amount of pollution that we are all subjected to every day, as well as the impact that lifestyle choices like smoking can have on our body, P.H. Diagnostic Centre offers executive check-up which includes a comprehensive array of tests which include:


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Executive Package

Health Plus Package

Complete Blood Count (CBC) & ESR tick tick tick
Urine Routine tick tick tick
Blood Sugar Fasting/ Post Prandial tick tick tick
HBA1c (3 months Sugar Control Test) tick tick tick
Bilirubin / SGOT/ SGPT tick tick tick
Alkaline Phosphatase tick tick tick
GGTP / Total Proteins tick tick tick
Total Cholesterol / Triglycerides tick tick tick
HDL / LDL / VLDL – Cholesterol tick tick tick
Cholesterol / HDL Cholesterol Ratio tick tick tick
BUN / Uric Acid / Creatinine tick tick tick
S. Sodium / S.Potassium / S. Chlorides tick tick tick
Phosphorus / Calcium tick tick tick
ECG (12 LEADS) tick tick tick
Stress Test tick tick tick
2-D Echo Colour Doppler tick tick
Sonography of Abdomen and Pelvis tick tick tick
Chest X-Ray (Digital) tick tick tick
PAP Smear Test tick tick tick
Mammography, Sonomammography tick
Physician Consultation tick tick tick
Ophthalmic Consultation ( Eye Test) tick tick tick
Dietician Counseling tick tick tick
Gynecologist Consultation (For Females) tick tick tick
Pulmonary Function Test (For Lungs) tick tick tick
Thyroid Profile (T3, T4, TSH) tick tick tick
BMD (DEXA Scan) – Total Body tick
HbsAg tick tick tick
Vitamin B12 tick
Vitamin D tick
CA 125 For Ovarian Cancer (Female) tick
PSA for Prostate Cancer (Male) tick
CAROTID COLOUR DOPPLER (For Neck Vessels) tick
MRI (Any 1 Study) By Default Lumbo Sacral Spine


  • Take prior appointment at least 24 hrs. before the check-up.
  •  Minimum 12 to 14 hrs fasting is essential prior to check-up, you may drink water.
  •  Complete abstinence from alcohol at least 24 hrs prior to the check-up.
  •  Please carry your regular medication when you come to the check-up.
  •  Wear loose clothing, no jewellery & easily removable footwear if possible.
  •  Report at reception between 8.30 am to 9.30 am.
  • During the course of investigation breakfast will be provided
  • Bring all your past medical records if any.
  • If you are wearing lenses please remove them two days prior to the Health Check-up.
  • Additional test if required apart from package will be charged separately.
  • Duration of check-up may range from 3 to 6 hrs. depending upon package selected.
  • After completion of check-up, we would appreciate if you could fill the feed-back form.
  • Second consultation with Physician the next working day along with reports will be at no additional cost.
  • In case of non-availibility of certain test on that particular day the patients will be called on the next convenient date.
  •  P.H. Diagnostic Centre reserves the right to modify any content of Health Check-up without any prior notice.
  •  View reports on : with the user ID and password provided on receipt.
  • Blood collection can be arranged from your residence with prior intimation.