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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) entails the measurement of your blood pressure while you go about your daily activities and routines.
The practice of ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring encompasses the regular assessment of blood pressure (BP) at consistent intervals, often occurring every 20 to 30 minutes, throughout a 24-hour span. This monitoring takes place as individuals engage in their typical daily tasks, including sleep. A portable monitoring device, secured to a belt, features a standard cuff on the upper arm. It utilizes an oscillometric method to identify systolic, diastolic, and mean BP, along with heart rate. Once the monitoring is concluded, the device is connected to a computer, which generates a comprehensive report detailing average systolic and diastolic BP as well as heart rate for the 24-hour period, both during the day and night, and, if applicable, during sleep and wakefulness.
Ambulatory BP monitoring is a secure procedure and generally does not give rise to complications.

What are the indications?

  • Suspected white-coat hypertension (including in pregnancy)
  • Suspected masked hypertension (untreated subject with normal clinic BP and elevated ABP
  • Suspected nocturnal hypertension or no night time reduction in BP (dipping)
  • Hypertension despite appropriate treatment
  • Patients with a high risk of future cardiovascular events (even if clinic BP is normal)
  • Suspected episodic hypertension.

Ambulatory BP monitoring may also be useful for:

  • titrating antihypertensive therapy
  • borderline hypertension
  • hypertension detected early in pregnancy
  • suspected or confirmed sleep apnoea
  • syncope or other symptoms suggesting orthostatic hypotension, where this cannot be demonstrated in the clinic
Ambulatory BP monitoring provides a more reliable measure of a patient’s BP than isolated clinic measures and is not subject to the ‘white-coat effect’, which can overestimate BP, particularly in susceptible patients. While clinic measurement of BP is useful for screening, and in the management of suspected and true hypertension. Ambulatory BP and home BP measurements add considerably to the accurate diagnosis of hypertension and the provision of optimal care.

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